Extrusion Machinery including Plastic Extrusion Machinery, Plastic Extruder, Multi & Mono Layer Blown Film Plant and Other Plastic Processing Machineries by Leading Plastic Extrusion Machinery Manufacturer & Exporter – Ocean Extrusions, Ahmedabad, India.
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Ocean extrusions is a leading plastic extrusion machinery manufacturer & exporter in India, having core expertise in comprehensive range of extrusion machinery for plastic including plastic extruder such as multi layer blown film plant, mono layer blown film plant, air bubble sheet plant, raffia tape stretching plant, extrusion coating lamination plant, co-extrusion two layer blown film plant, PP-TQ blown film plant, monofilament plant, sutli plant, PP box strapping line, HDPE box strapping line, PET box strapping line and plastic reprocessing plant. Ocean extrusions is a well known trusted name for providing customised solutions of plastic extrusion machineries.

Ocean Extrusions
Ocean Extrusions is the technologically innovative company, with many years of expertise in the manufacturing of the plastic extrusions machinery based in India ..
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Plastic Extrusion Process

Plastic extrusion process converts plastic materials as plastic chips or pellets from solid to liquid form and reconstitute them in final shape of finished product. Extrusion Machinery is used for gravity fed and dried in a hopper into the barrel of the extruder before going to the feed screw. Additives are mixed with resin prior to arriving at the hopper. The polymer resin is heated from the extrusion screw by heating elements and shear heating. The screw forces the resin through a die to form a desired shape from resin. The extrudate is pulled through the die or water tank to cool and solidify. A multitude of polymers are used in the production of plastic tubing, pipes, rods, rails, seals and films.

During Plastic extrusion process the material transform from solid to liquid and back again to solid form in defined shape without losing the distinctive properties with minimum scrap and degradation, have made plastic extrusion method more popular, which even reduce the recycling plastic wastage.


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