Die Face Cutter Reprocess Plant

Die Face Cutter Reprocess Plant

Die Face Cutter Reprocess Plant

Plastic Recycling Plant such as Plastic Reprocess Plant, Die Face Cutter, Air Cooled Recycling Machine, Water Ring Die Face Cutter.

Die Face Cutter Reprocess Plant is the process of recovering scrap or waste PLASTIC and reprocessing the material into useful products. This helps to reduce the high rates of plastic pollution.

Die Face Cutter Reprocess Plant includes taking any type of plastic sorting it into different polymers and then chipping it and then melting it down into pellets after this stage it can then be used to make items of any kind such as plastic chairs and tables. Soft Plastics are also recycled such as polyethylene film and bags.

Another barrier to recycling is the widespread use of dyes, fillers , and other additives in plastics. The polymer is generally too viscous to economically remove fillers, and would be damaged by many of the processes that could cheaply remove the added dyes. Additives are less widely used in beverage containers and plastic bags , allowing them to be recycled more often.

The percentage of plastic that can be fully recycled, rather than down cycled or go to waste can be increased when manufacturers of packaged goods minimize mixing of packaging materials and eliminate contaminants. The Association of Plastics Recyclers have issued a Design Guide for Recyclability.


  • Material: All kinds of plastics waste.
  • Online Force Feeding Film Trim, Tape Trim without cutting agglometer.
  • For the plastic waste of higher moister, heavy printing, heavy contamination.

Technical Specifications

Model Screw Size Material Output Connected Load Dimension
OEPLDC-80 80 MM LD 100 KG/HR 36 KW 40X6X18
OEPLDC-90 90 MM LD 150 KG/HR 42 KW 45X6X20
OEPLDC-100 100 MM LD 200 KG/HR 50 KW 45X6X20



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