Tape Plant - Raffia Tape Stretching Plant

Raffia Tape Stretching Plant - Raffia Tape Stretching Line, Tape Plant, Plastic Extrusion
  • Inverter Cheese Winder
  • Hot Air Oven with Stretching Unit
  • Take up Nip Roll with Holding Unit
  • Extruder with "T" DIe

Raffia Tape Stretching Line

Raffia fiber is one of the popular ingredients considered for making packaging components. Investing in raffia tape stretching plant would remain a profitable and affordable option. Raffia tape stretching machine is equipped with latest technology of fabricated components which suits best to produce packaging products including fertilizer bags, raffia tape stretch line for safe and moisture free packing of cement, rice, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. This machine can also make raffia fabric tapes to make ropes and yarns.

Application : Raffia Tape Stretching Plant

  • Fertilizer Bag
  • Chemicals Bag
  • Cement Bag
  • Packaging of Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Groundnuts,
  • Rice Bag
  • Sugar Bag
  • Flour Food Bag
  • Fruits & Vegetables Etc.
  • Tarpaulin For Monsoon Sheds
  • Paper, Textile Bag
  • Bird Feed / Dog Feed / Cat Feed / Horse Feed / Bird Seeds
  • General Purpose Packing Bag

Features : Raffia Tape Stretching Plant

  • Granulate Hopper with Hopper Loader
  • Energy Saving Extruder with Barrier Screw with 32:1 L/D with Bimetallic Screw Option
  • Melt Gear Pump
  • Continuous or Standard Screen Changers
  • Coat Hanger T Die with increased cross section with serrated or plain lip
  • Quenching Tank with parallel Quenching or film for fast cooling
  • Take Off Unit with increased height and five point suction system for better drying of film Online Gauging System
  • Cross adjustable rotary slitters or standard slitters
  • Holding Unit
  • Sturdy Design Edge Trim Grinder
  • Energy efficient Hot Air Oven with Two Separate Phase Angle
  • Control Voltage PIDS with +_ 1o C accuracy having 4 to 6 meters length
  • Combined stretching and annealing unit with hot and cool godets
  • Fibrillators
  • Energy Efficient vacuum type tape extraction unit
  • Magnetic or inverter drive cheese winders for energy saving,
  • precise tension control and higher line speeds
  • AC frequency drive control system for complete plant for energy saving and maintenance free installation
  • Temperature control system with SSR system for Energy Saving
  • Online energy meter for monitoring energy consumption
  • per kg for complete tapeline with winders
  • PCC panel
  • PLC system for precise plant operation
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Independent complete technical support

Speed Quality & Energy Efficient for Plastic Extrusion

Raffia Tape Stretching Plant MODEL for Plastic Extrusion Tape Plant OES 70-150 Tape Plant OES 75-200 Tape Plant OES 80-250 Tape Plant OES 90-350 Tape Plant OES 100-400 Tape Plant OES 100-450 Tape Plant OES 120-550
SCREW Die (MM) 70 75 80 90 100 110 120
L/D Ratio 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1
Die Width (MM) 800 900 1100 1300 1300 1500 1600
Max. Output PP
Mani Drive 45KW 56KW 75KW 110KW 110KW 150KW 150KW
NO of Cheese Winder 130 Nos. 150 Nos. 180 Nos. 220 Nos. 220 Nos. 255 Nos. 270 Nos.
Max. Line Speed (MPM) 280 280 350 350 350 350 350
Total Connected Load
With inverter Winder
149.77 KW 181.37 KW 206.07 KW 293.72 KW 303.52 KW 371.15 KW 408.45 KW
Tape Plant Dimension with Winders (MM) 25152 (L)
3925 (W}
5280 (H)

Raffia Tape Stretching Line

Tape plant like raffia tape stretching plant is an ideal plastic extrusion machinery for producing chemical bags, cement bags, rice bags, lamination fabrics and tarpaulin. This plastic extrusion equipment is used in high and quality generating plastic process to form a continuous profile from plastic raw material.


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