Sitemap – Plastic Extrusion Machinery

Extrusion Machinery

The term extrusion machinery refers to the devices which push or pull a material through a shaped die to form a continuous length of product with a preset cross section. The extrusion machinery used to form continuous sections of plastic products is called plastic extrusion machinery.

Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion is a plastic manufacturing process often used to produce products like plastic pipes, tubing, weather stripping, fence, deck railing, adhesive tape, window frames and wire insulation. In this plastic manufacturing process, the raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile. The process is generally carried out using various kinds of plastic extrusion machinery available in the market.

Plastic Extruder

The machine used to carry out plastic extrusion process for producing continuous lengths of plastic sections is called plastic extruder. The extruder consists of all the essential elements necessary to melt the plastic granules and transform them into finished products. Tubular barrel, a revolving screw, plunger within the barrel; a hopper at one end from which the material to be extruded is fed to the screw and a die at the opposite end for shaping the extruded mass are some of the important components of plastic extruder.

  • Raffia Tape Stretching Plant
  • Raffia tape stretching plant is ideal equipment which can be used for quicker and efficient execution of applications like manufacturing cement bags, fertilizer bags, rice bags and chemical bags and production of lamination fabrics and tarpaulin.

  • Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant
  • Extrusion coating lamination plant is one of the important kinds of plastic process machinery. The machinery with which extrusion coating and lamination tasks can be executed effectively is called as extrusion coating lamination plant. The applications like paper lamination, fabric lamination, jute lamination, aluminum foil lamination, BOPP film and polyester film can be effectively carried out by this plant.

  • Air Bubble Sheet Plant
  • Equipment used for manufacturing bubble film with low density polyethylene materials is called air bubble sheet plant. This bubble film sheet can be used for packing electronic products, glass products, industrial packages, home appliances etc. Apart from bubble films, these machineries can also produce anti-static bubble films, laminated films with aluminum foil, aluminum foamed PE sheet used for packing and pouches.

  • Multi-Layer Blown Film Plant
  • A blown film plant is a plastic extrusion machine used for manufacturing plastic films and bags through blown film extrusion process. There are different types of blown film plants ranging from single layer to five layer blown film plants for use in various applications. With multi-layer blown film plant multiple layered plastic films can be efficiently produced. Pharmaceutical packaging, lamination films, chemical packing, food product packing are some of the common applications where this kind of machinery is used.

  • Mono-Layer Blown Film Plant
  • Mono-layer blown film plant is a kind of plastic extrusion machine used for manufacturing single layer plastic films and bags by blown film extrusion process. PE films, HD films, HDPE pick-up bags, stretch and cling films, LD lamination films, LLD films, HD lamination films, shrink films, anti-rust films and paper like films are some of the common things that can be manufactured using mono-layer blown film plant.

  • Co-extrusion Two Layer Blown Film Plant
  • Co-extrusion two layer blown film plant is an excellent means of producing multilayered films efficiently within less time. PE films, HDPE bags, LD, LLD and HD lamination films, stretch and cling films, shrink films, anti-rust films and paper like films can be efficiently produced using this machinery.

  • PP-TQ Blown Film Plant
  • PP-TQ blown film plant can be used for manufacturing PP films. PP films used in textile industries, cotton industries, household application and general packaging are some of the common applications of the PP-TQ blown film plant.

  • PP HDPE PET Box Strapping Plant
  • The equipment used for manufacturing manual straps, semi auto heat sealable straps and fully auto heat sealable straps used in packaging applications is called box strapping plant. PP box strapping plant, HDPE box strapping plant and PET box strapping plant are the commonly available models of box strapping plant used for manufacturing PP straps, HDPE straps and PET straps respectively.

  • Monofilament Plant
  • Monofilament plant is ideal equipment used for manufacturing ropes, niwars, single monofilament threads, fishing nets, thread fabrics, surgical meshes, furniture cloths and mosquito nets made of PP and HDPE plastic materials. This enables the quicker and quality production of uniform size monofilament yarn with superior technology and manufacturing process.

  • Sutli Plant
  • Plastic strings or sutli are good substitutes for jute sutli and twisted ropes used for small and loose packaging, bags tying and tying of corrugated boxes. The equipment used for manufacturing these plastic sutlis is called sutli plant. These are T die string plants designed for higher production of sutlis.

  • PET, PE Reprocess Plant
  • The machinery used for applications like recovering the scraps and byproducts left over from initial plastic fabrication are called plastic reprocess machines. These widely used for processing of plastic flakes. PET reprocess plant and PE reprocess plant are two widely used varieties of plastic reprocess plants used for processing of PET and polyethylene plastic wastes.